[ClassiPress] Multi Category Select

Multi Category Select
By this modification of ClassiPress Theme, You can allow users to publish classified ad in multiple categories and count for this additional fee.

How it works?

In administrative panel You have got 2 additional options to set, price for multiple selecting, and quantity of selected categories by which price will be increased.
For example: if we will set price 5$ and quantity for 6, system will count additional 5$ for every 6 categories.

Screenshot of additional options in Admin panel:

From user side, on Add New page we will have „classic” select category form, and below it section to select more categories (just like in admin panel, list of categories with checkboxes).
To keep inform user about cost for multiple selecting, system automaticly show cost for selected categories.

Screenshot of Add New page:

Then after selecting categories and filled whole ad data, on confirmation page before redirecting to payment system user will see all fees.

Screenshot of Confirmation page:

Screenshot of Single ad listing page:

Modification works best with 2 level categories and Fixed Price Per Ad option.

How to order it? Contact me!

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