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Your own RetailMeNot in few minutes

Have you ever thought how the RetailMeNot is working?
How do they earn, and where from they getting all of these promotional offers?

If so, then welcome to my world, world of WordPress and… not so fast 🙂
(being a little bit more serious, please go though this quick guide below)

Behind RetailMeNot there isn’t any big mysterious secrets, website like theirs you can setup in few minutes using the most popular WordPress CMS, and the powerful Clipper application theme from AppThemes.

Clipper Coupons Theme

What the hell is WordPress?!
Well, if you asked that question, you probably will need a bit more of time than mentioned few minutes in the title of this article, and if you are totally new to website building, you might need also help of some web developer, „WordPress Web developer” to be clear 😛 Google for it, or click the contact tab on this website.

And what about Clipper?!
Clipper is a powerful application theme for WordPress CMS. It was built having in mind simplicity, so with just a few clicks you can create a „clone of RetailMeNot” website… maybe not so much a clone as they both looks differently, but functionality is very similar, looking at the Clipper features list, it’s probably much way better, more advanced (see product page).

Look, look at me…
Psst… you can use child theme to make it looks similar to RetailMeNot, there are already few ready made child themes 🙂 yes, I know, probably its a Yet Another New Word for you with blurry meaning… don’t worry, you will get it all 🙂

Where from pull content?!
OK, I have created website using WordPress and Clipper, say Yay! I have it! I have a nice looking website! 🙂
But wait, wait a moment… my website is nearly empty?! I have added some promotional offers that I have found over the internet, but it’s not enough, my website is still nearly empty?! Where from I can get promotional offers to fulfill my website?!

Where is money?!
Ohhh, and I almost forgot the most important point… where is the money?! How I’ll earn? Isn’t it all about earning money?

Well, yeah, I’m glad you asked 🙂 because that’s what I was working within last years, and would like to share with you, so you can do your business easier, much easier 🙂
But… before I’ll make you bored showing my products that you might need, I would like quickly show you the business model – easy, you almost there…

(to be continued 😉 ) btw. it seems to be my first tutorial alike post written in such „open” way 🙂

Available integrations with affiliate networks:
Commission Factory, CJ Affiliate, Daisycon, Rakuten LinkShare, ShareASale, Tradedoubler, TradeTracker, Visualsoft

CJ AffiliateCommission FactoryDaisycon

Rakuten LinkShareShareASaleTradedoubler